The Kindness Cure for Trauma and Emotional Pain

Right from the beginning our biological urge for survival primes us to be guarded against life: one day our bodies will die.

Until we fully embrace the flow of life, which includes physical death as part of that movement, we will continue to have the embedded belief that we are separate from each other, from life itself – like a vase standing out from its background. This goes hand in hand with the belief that there is something inherently wrong with us, that we are bad, unworthy, guilty of something undefinable, and that as a result something dangerous ‘out there’ will attack us.

We were born into ‘sin’, or separation, or brought it upon ourselves like Adam and Eve.

Our bodies contract, muscles and nervous systems pull back from life – beliefs are reflected in bodies.

Session with Helene

How one boy found peace

First published in Reconnect Magazine April / May 2013 issue 24 It can be tough living with physical problems at any age, but especially when you’re young and the psychological and emotional effects add to the struggle. Metamorphic Technique practitioner and teacher Hélène Demetriades had just such a case recently. She told Reconnect: “A 10-yearold…

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Experience the therapy’s ritual

First published in Reconnect Issue 42 April/May 2016 Experience the therapy’s ritual An experience of “being out of time” is how practitioner Hélène Demetriades decribes a Metamorphic Technique session. She explains that the ritual and practice of a session gives people time out to experience “life breathing more deeply into their form.” A Metamorphic Technique…

Session with Helene

Good for relationships too

First published in Reconnect Issue 37, June/July 2015 THERE’S a very special benefit of sharing the Metamorphic Technique – it can also transform relationships, as practitioner and teacher Hélène Demetriades, right, experienced herself. “Two years after learning the Technique and becoming a practitioner, I gave my first session to my elderly dad,” explained Hélène. “We…