about Hélène…

I am a BACP senior accredited psychotherapist & counsellor with nearly 25 years experience, and a qualified supervisor near Totnes in South Devon…

What I offer…

Psychotherapy & Counselling

I offer individual counselling and psychotherapy sessions, and Skype online sessions.

Non-dual therapy

For people wishing to explore the depths of who or what they are within the context of non-dual awareness or present moment experience.


Born in London, I spent eight years of my childhood in the Swiss Alps.  I studied english literature at university, and trained as an actor.  I qualified with a diploma in Psychosynthesis, a transpersonal form of psychotherapy, at the Psychosynthesis and Education Trust in London in 1998. I also hold a diploma in supervision. Over the years I have worked with a wide range of clients from diverse backgrounds. For some years I worked as a university counsellor for students at Goldsmiths College in London.  I also worked as a counsellor in a large training organisation for people with special training needs, long-term unemployed adults and young people.   I have worked for many years in private practice.  I am also a published poet. (www.helenedemetriadespoetry.co.uk

I have continued my professional development through further training in trauma work, neurobiology, and developmental attachment theory.  I also have many years experience and training working with meditation and mindfulness based practices.

I am currently doing a one year training with Philip Shepherd on the Embodied Present Process.

For sixteen years I studied with Hilmar Schonauer, both individually and within a group, working with meditation and healing, using specific practices to connect with the biological, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of my energy body/aura.  This led me to deeply open to the reality of my own experience and beyond that to the innate wisdom shining through all experience.

It was through this teaching that I fostered my understanding of the intelligence behind dreams, and my love for and ability in working with them.

I realise that in all my work I have been drawn to exploring the simple meeting in being with another

During this time I also trained in spiritual healing, and in connected, or rebirthing breathwork.  I also trained extensively with Gaston Saint-Pierre, founder of the Metamorphic Technique, training both as a practitioner and as a teacher with him.  Over a seven year period  I  ran two day practitioner workshops, teaching both the practice and the theory behind The Metamorphic Technique.

I have been deeply touched by non-dual teachings, including those of Mooji, Rupert Spira, Jean Klein and Adyashanti.  As ‘I’ let go, the recognition of love and deep silence at the heart of being  remains, with a seamlessness between myself and the whole of existence.

In my work, in the simple meeting in being with another, we have the opportunity to register the reality of who or what we are in essence.  Our contractions unwind in a field already fulfilled and at peace.

Wild quietude

I hang out my wings to dry
in the wild quietude that I am
like the first cormorant I ever saw
who took my breath away,
hanging out his wings,
a stark cross
against the Cornish sky.

Hélène Demetriades