Counselling & Psychotherapy in South Devon…

How I Work

I see our work together very much as a collaboration, in which kindness plays a key part. I feel and explore your experience with you, so that you may feel truly met and able to relax into a sense of wholeness and safety. Traumas held within our bodies and psyches are pockets or ‘holds in time’, of unmet, unsupported, undigested life. My aim is to provide a space for these ‘short circuits’ to be re-connected, metabolised and integrated into the whole.   Through gentle probing and sensitive questioning, through guiding you into a deeper experiencing of your body’s ‘felt sense’, through a sharing of insights arising between us, I aim to facilitate a deepening awareness of your own life.

I create a safe space for you to feel into your feelings, and as you meet them, you may discover a new sense of aliveness within you and your life. Feelings, once acknowledged, are self-liberating, and fuel us into greater wholeness. It is only when they are unrecognised, unmet and unloved that they trap us.

We will explore patterns of thought and belief and discover through enquiry and reflection how certain thinking processes and imprints, (conditioning), may be keeping you hostage. Old patterns can be cast aside as you become conscious of them, so that you may live from a freer, more natural state.

At times we may use meditative practices, sit in silence, and explore dreams and images. You may in our sessions also discover a stillness out of which all these experiences arise, and realise that it is not separate from you.

My non-dual perspective is one in which I recognise a ground of being which is unchanging and ever present. It is infinitely kind, and the source from which our potential and subtle sense of existence, ‘I am’, arises. It is a deep well of silence and peace that fills our hearts, enabling us to interact with ourselves and our environment in an enlightened – unburdened way. It is the stillness at the heart of existence. And its doorway is present moment awareness.

Issues that I work with

I work with all issues, including depression, loss and bereavement, trauma, developmental attachment issues, relationships, lack of confidence, low self-esteem, anxiety, stress, illness, abuse, addictions, work and education issues, parenting , self-development, purpose, life direction and spirituality.


An owl
heavy with moon
dusting the earth with feather tips.

She rises glowing
carrying the breadth of the world
between her wings.

Hélène Demetriades