sessions offered & fees…

About Counselling & Psychotherapy Sessions.

Sessions usually last for one hour. We start off by having an initial session to get to know each other, and for you to get a sense of how comfortable you feel with working with me.

The frequency of any further sessions will be dependent on what you feel is right for you. Weekly sessions are helpful, and I also see clients fortnightly. At times I have seen people twice weekly, and other people monthly.

I see people short-term, that is for a few sessions, and I see people long-term, which can be for some years. I don’t suggest a specific number of sessions and a client is free to stop coming for sessions at any time.

Telephone & Zoom/Skype Online Psychotherapy & Counselling

I offer both telephone and online screen psychotherapy for clients who live a long way away, or who are unable to travel.


I offer supervision to individuals  and have supervised counselling course trainees and experienced therapists


Individual counselling ⁄ psychotherapy£60