Metamorphic Practice…..

About Metamorphic Practice

Metamorphic Practice is a simple practice that provides an environment in which we can transform feelings of limitation and move into an experience of greater freedom, and into new possibilities of who we are…

I use a light touch on your feet, hands and head, without having any intentions or outcomes for you in mind. I thus provide an environment free of direction in which you can just ‘be’. Your life force, guided by its innate intelligence, is free to move unimpeded out of old, repetitive patterns, into new forms that are a truer expression of who you are.

Your feet, hands and head are a reflection of the whole human being, and as I touch them I am touching the essence of life and its innate intelligence. At the same time the areas I touch reflect a time-line corresponding to your development in the womb. As I touch your feet, hands and head, I am also touching a beginning time for you, when you were first seeded.

a new level of confidence and trust is often felt as a person experiences a sense of being at one with life

The acorn falls to earth; it draws what it needs from both soil and sky, and turns into an oak tree.

The caterpillar transforms into the butterfly.  We are so much more than we think we are.

A session with me offer you the space in which you can deeply re-source, finding yourself freer to express the life that you are at core.

Metamorphic Practice is not a therapy, nor do I as practitioner treat symptoms or specific conditions. I do not focus on removing energy blockages, but offer a context in which you can experience your own life force at work. As any changes originate from within you, you can also experience a sense of your own autonomy.

What happens in a session?

I use a light touch on the sides of your feet, hands and head, and provide a space where you can ‘just be’. Some people may wish to talk, while others may enjoy taking time out.  A session usually lasts an hour.

Benefits of Metamorphic Practice

You may be going through a period of transition and sensing changes afoot: You could be pregnant, moving house, changing career, experiencing relationship difficulties, a bereavement or illness. You could be feeling stuck or anxious, frustrated by repeating patterns of behaviour in your life. You might be fed up with people trying to fix or cure you. You might want to make deep inner changes without talking about it. You may want to experience being at one with yourself.

After sessions people have reported significant changes to their emotional, physical and mental well-being, or shifts in their life situation. Anxieties have been released as they have experienced life from a new perspective, and transitions have felt easier to navigate.

People have often experienced feeling more energised, or profoundly relaxed. They have expressed feeling re-sourced from a deep level of being, and have felt a new sense of self in their daily lives.

Time and again people receiving sessions have felt that they are living out more of their potential. A new level of confidence and trust in life is also often felt as a person experiences for themselves the integrity and vitality inherent in the life that they are.

Is it suitable for everyone?

Yes, it is self-empowering. It enables you to steer your own path. The technique can be received on its own or alongside conventional or complementary approaches.

Pregnant mothers, and ill and dying people, as well as all those going through life’s transitions, have felt greatly supported by this work, as they move from one way of being to another.

Families and couples have benefited from practising this easy to learn technique on each other, and have found that family life can be ‘smoothed and oiled on many different levels’ as old dynamics shift. Underneath it all, a beautiful ‘known’ connection can be rested in. Children often love and respond to this contact, and parents feel empowered in offering it to them.

Metamorphic Practice has also been shared with both adults and children with special needs.

How many sessions will I need?

You are free to receive sessions according to your own preferences and needs.

You may like to have sessions weekly or fortnightly, or when you feel the need.