Chrysalis Touch…..

About Chrysalis Touch

Chrysalis Touch is a simple practice that provides a space for us to emerge out of old patterns,  like a butterfly emerging out of its chrysalis.

I use a light touch on your feet, hands and head, without having any intentions for you in mind.  In my experience I we are in a field of shared being.  Your creative life force, like the eternal uroboros snake, is free to move as it will, into new expressions of who you are.

The areas I touch are the spinal reflexes of the feet and reflect a time-line corresponding to your development in the womb.  This is the ‘prenatal pattern’, first discovered and mapped out by Robert St John, naturopath and reflexologist. As I touch your feet, hands and head, I am touching a beginning time for you, a threshold, when you began your journey as a newly developing human being.

a new level of confidence and trust is often felt as a person experiences a sense of being at one with life

A session with me offers you the space in which you can deeply re-source, discarding outworn habits.

Chrysalis Touch does not treat specific conditions or symptoms, but clients have often reported a shift in their perspective, or in their life situation.   As any changes originate from within, you may also experience a sense of your own authenticity and the flow of life’s creative power.

What happens in a session?

I use a light touch on the sides of your feet, hands and head, and provide a space where you can ‘just be’. Some people talk, others enjoy resting.  A session usually lasts an hour.

Benefits of Chrysalis Touch

You may be going through a period of transition or sensing changes afoot. You could be feeling stuck or anxious, frustrated by repeating patterns of behaviour in your life. You might be fed up going round in an endless cycle of trying to find solutions. You may want to transform on a deep level without analysing it. You may want to experience being at one with yourself.

After sessions people often feel a renewed sense of connection to life.   A renewed sense of aliveness –   Minds are often stilled, and anxieties drop away. People often experience themselves in a richer way, and their lives take on a new, wider perspective.  It becomes easier to go with the flow.

People have often experienced feeling more energised, or profoundly relaxed. They have expressed feeling re-sourced from a deep level of being.

A new level of confidence and trust in life is often felt as a person experiences for themselves the integrity and vitality inherent in the life that they are.

Is it suitable for everyone?

Yes. The practice can be received on its own or alongside conventional or complementary approaches.

People going through life’s transitions, such as pregnant women, and the dying or ill, have felt greatly supported by this work, as they move from one way of being to another.

Families and couples have benefited from practising this easy to learn touch on each other, and have found that family life can be ‘smoothed and oiled on many different levels’ as old dynamics shift. Underneath it all, a beautiful ‘known’ connection can be rested in. Children often love and respond to this contact, and parents feel empowered in offering it to them.

How many sessions will I need?

You are free to receive sessions as and when you feel the need.


Morning rises from the softest bed,
the tenderest offering
you can put your arm through –

no captain at the helm, no boat gliding us,
just a spontaneous unfolding as the heart of all things

and scarecrows drenched in dew
stiffen at the cackle of life in their fields.

Hélène Demetriades