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Counselling & Psychotherapy in South Devon...

How I Work

I see our work together very much as a collaboration, in which kindness plays a key part. I feel and explore your experience with you, so that you feel truly met, and are able to relax and open to a sense of wholeness and safety beyond any limitations, traumas, or sorrows.

Through gentle probing and sensitive questioning, through guiding you into a deeper experiencing of your body's 'felt sense', through a sharing of insights that arise between us, I facilitate you into a deepening awareness of your own life.

I create a safe space for you to feel into your feelings, and as you meet them, you may discover a new sense of freedom and aliveness within your life.  Feelings, once acknowledged, are self-liberating, and fuel us into greater wholeness. It is only while we run from them, that they trip us up and trap us.

We will explore patterns of thought and belief - our conditioning - and feel how this impacts on us.  Old patterns which have kept you hostage, can drop away as you recognise their limitations, and tap into your more natural state, allowing you to live a life of greater freedom. 

At times we may explore dreams, use meditative practices, and sit in silence.   You may in our sessions discover a stillness out of which all these experiences arise. And you may discover that this stillness is not separate from you.

Working with Couples

Here I offer a safe, warm and neutral space in which both individuals can unfold in front of each other, and have the opportunity to see each other in a new non-defensive light, while I act as facilitator and witness. Inherent in this approach is my facilitation of clients owning and being with the feelings that are arising in themselves, rather than deflecting them by blaming the other.

Issues that I work with

I work with all issues, including depression, loss and bereavement, trauma, relationships, lack of confidence, low self-esteem, anxiety, stress, illness, abuse, addictions, work and education issues, parenting , self-development, purpose and life direction.

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I feel blessed to know Hélène. When I first started sessions with her, around 10 years ago, a seed was sown. At the time I was desperate and in need of urgent help. Little did I know that this life-saving step would lead me, with Hélène, to walk a beautiful path of self-discovery, self-love and spiritual growth. Over the years, Hélène has skillfully guided me through some very specific events, such as bereavement, relationship issues, family traumas and work-related stress.

She has helped me to ‘join up the dots’ between my childhood conditioning and current ‘loops’ and ‘stories’ and I feel that I know and understand myself better, without judgement or negative thought. With this gentle awareness, I have been able to move through my own fears, low self-esteem issues and energetic blocks, in order to achieve a healthier relationship with myself and others.


I am now joyfully flowing with life as opposed to struggling against the tide. I often recall her words of wisdom or practice techniques she has taught me, to help me through life's challenges. Hélène showed me the way to discover my own sense of inner peace, or as she so beautifully puts it, to ‘come home to oneself’. I really believe that peace in the world starts with a loving relationship towards the self and this is where Hélène has so profoundly transformed me.

Hélène has a unique approach and is clearly steered by a deep sense of integrity. She has an incredible gift and talent. I always look forward to a session with Helene, and I always leave feeling truly nurtured and enlightened. She has also been a tremendous support to several of my friends and I would recommend her to you with all my heart


I would recommend Helene to anyone thinking about getting some counselling - and I have done so to several friends already and always rave about how helpful her style of counselling has been. It is hard to quantify how important Helene's sessions have been for me personally, but all I know is that she has really helped me recognise some of my negative patterns and ‘beat-myself-up’ habits and helped me come out of my depression and learn to look after and love myself better.


I feel that Helene has a very special way of listening and then adapting her approach to really suit my needs at different times. We spent time identifying issues as well as finding strategies for actually changing them - something that has been extremely useful for me to practice on my own years after my sessions with Helene.


Thank you Helene for giving me a little ‘life-raft’ of self-love techniques which I continue to use whenever I need them.


Dear Helene, thank you for being such a calm and caring therapist. Although it has been over a year since I last saw you, I can still feel the benefits of the therapy in my  life. You helped me in getting in touch with my inner self, which I guess I had managed to lose in the hustle and bustle of everyday race. You had just the right approach which helped me tremendously.

I would like to thank you especially for all the support you provided before, around and after the birth of my son. It was a challenging period and I would like to express my deep gratitude for being there for me. I felt that you were really listening and understanding what I was expressing. Sometimes, especially after deep contemplation, I even felt a different kind of energy in the therapy room. Overall, I think the sessions helped me in becoming more grounded and confident in my everyday life. Thank you very very much.






Hanging out my wings to dry

Each time I sit down to meditate
I hang out my wings to dry
in the vastness of who I am
like the first cormorant I ever saw
who took my breath away
on a beach in Cornwall
hanging out his wings to dry
looking like a big black cross

by Hélène