about Hélène…

I am an experienced BACP senior accredited counsellor and psychotherapist, a qualified supervisor, and a Metamorphic Technique teacher based near Totnes in South Devon…

What I offer…

Psychotherapy & Counselling

I offer individual counselling and psychotherapy sessions, as well as couples counselling and Skype online sessions.

Metamorphic Technique & Courses

I offer Metamorphic Technique sessions to individuals, couples, and to parents and their children. I also run two day workshops, teaching both the practice and the theory behind it.


I am a qualified supervisor, and work both with trainee counsellors and experienced therapists; with individuals and with groups.


Born in London, I spent eight years of my childhood in the Swiss Alps. My family then returned to England. I studied english literature at university, and trained as an actor. Following this I worked in the theatre for a number of years. I qualified with a diploma in Psychosynthesis, a transpersonal form of psychotherapy, at the Psychosynthesis and Education Trust in London in 1998. I also hold a diploma in supervision. Over the years I have worked with a wide range of clients from diverse backgrounds. For some years I worked as a university counsellor for students at Goldsmiths College in London, where I offered individual and group therapy, and supervision to trainee counsellors. I have also worked for many years in private practice.

For sixteen years I studied with Hilmar Schonauer, both individually and within a group, working with meditation, healing and development, using specific practices to connect with the biological, emotional, and what we can call spiritual aspects of my energy body/aura. This led me to deeply open to the reality of my own experience and to my naturalness. I discovered the wisdom inherent in this connection, beyond theoretical models. It was through this teaching that I developed my love of dreams and my facility for working with them.

I realise that in all my work I have been drawn to exploring the simple meeting in being with another

During this time I also trained in spiritual healing, and in connected, or rebirthing breathwork. I also developed an interest in a particular way of working with my hands, a practice called the Metamorphic Technique. (More details on another page). I trained extensively with Gaston Saint-Pierre, founder of the Technique, and am a practitioner and teacher member of the Metamorphic Association.

Helene Demetriades

I realise that in all my work I have been drawn to exploring the simple meeting in being with another, which allows us to experience the reality of who we are. I have been deeply influenced and touched by meetings with particular teachers of non-duality, and have come to the recognition that as ‘I’ let go, what remains is the love that always is, and the unity that is our backdrop.