metamorphic technique workshops…

I run a two day workshop on the theory and practice of the Metamorphic Technique.

Come and learn this wonderful, light, loving touch on the sides of your feet, hands and head. This practice provides a context and an environment in which the life that you are can transform, flourish, be formed anew! Opening you to new possibilities of who you are. It is a celebration of, and a participation in life, and the wonder of creation. People have often been drawn to the practice of the Metamorphic Technique, when they have felt stuck in their lives, hampered by old patterns, or in a big shift, perhaps feeling as if they are in a void, or hibernating, waiting in the unknown for a new path to become clear.

It is empowering and deeply nourishing to share this practice with the family, and a joy to share it with friends. Additionally, this workshop forms part of the professional training towards becoming a practitioner. (For full practitioner status you need to repeat the workshop, and give and receive a required number of sessions).

I run my courses in a lovely workshop space next to my house in the great location of Dartington, just outside Totnes, in the South Hams area of outstanding beauty in South Devon. For information about local B&Bs please do contact me.

For course fees please see my sessions & fees page.

If several of you have a date in mind other than those that I have published, then do contact me, as I am happy to put on extra dates when I can.

I also run a regular share group for people who have trained with me, and who want to swap sessions with each other, and to share what is arising for them in this work.

What happens in the workshop?

The principles behind the Metamorphic Technique are explored and you get to practise on each other. There is ample space for questions, and for sharing feelings and insights that might arise for you. On the second morning of the workshop we also explore any dreams you may have had the night before.

Some of the themes explored are:

* What is the nature of transformation?
* What are the conditions in which transformation occurs?
* The role of ‘non’doing’ or detachment in our work.
* The power inherent in ‘letting be’.
* The evolution of consciousness within the womb.
* The principle of correspondence, (where everything reflects everything else), as distinct from cause and effect.

Course material will be available via email.

helene and angela

I also run a one day fundamentals workshop on the Metamorphic Technique.

This will be of interest for people who want to learn how to give a session to friends or family, but who do not wish to commit to a whole weekend of training. You will give and receive a session during the day, and will learn some of the theory behind the practice. Please contact me to choose your date. (Two persons minimum).

ian,helene and gaston

Ian, Hélène and Gaston Saint-Pierre (, founder of the Metamorphic Association.

Testimonials from workshops: