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AN experience of “being out of time” is how practitioner Hélène Demetriades describes a Metamorphic Technique session.

She explains that the ritual and practice of a session gives people time out to experience “life breathing more deeply into their form.”

A Metamorphic Technique session involves the practitioner lightly touching the feet, hands and head. In the Metamorphic context, these parts of the body are called ‘spinal reflexes’ and they reflect the pre- natal period of our lives, when all influences start to be anchored physically.

Hélène said: “Recently I learnt that the word ‘ritual’ comes from rtu, Sanskrit for menses. The earliest rituals were connected to women’s monthly bleeding, as the blood from the womb that fed the unborn child was honoured for its life power or mana.

“In the same way that a woman’s monthly bleed represents both an opportunity for new beginnings and a shedding of old forms, so a Metamorphic Technique session provides an opportunity to connect to life, creation, birth, death and the transformation of patterns that no longer serve us.

“The ancient rituals surrounding menses not only reminded people of its power, but also honoured sacred time-out space for women. The ritual and practice of the Metamorphic Technique also gives us that precious time-out, allowing our life force to move unimpeded into a newer and more inclusive expression of who or what we are.”

Hélène offers one-to-one Metamorphic Technique sessions as well as workshops for people who would like to learn more about the technique. The next workshop is May 20-21 in Dartington.