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Reconnect to the wonder of childhood

AS a small child, Hélène Demetriades lived in a beautiful village nestled in the Alps. “A few years ago,” she said, “I looked at a picture of an alpine flower and felt a remembrance wash over me, as I re-experienced a vibrant global connectedness to this flower.

“The intense loss I had felt in leaving the Alps then made even greater sense to me.” A similar connection to the wonder of childhood has been expressed by clients receiving the Metamorphic Technique from her.

“It’s a sense of deep sensitivity and open tenderness,” says Hélène, “a connection to a time before, as they put it, superimposed ideas of how they should be took hold.” On receiving the Metamorphic Technique other clients, some with long standing illness or deep-seated anxiety, have felt significant burdens lift from them, says Hélène. “As their minds have stilled, fear has dropped away. They have marvelled at the wonder of synchronicities arising for them, calling them to a re-engagement with life, and demonstrating the sacred interconnectedness at its core.”

Hélène’s next workshop on the Metamorphic Technique is in Totnes on October 5 and 6, 10am-5pm each day.

Hélène also offers half-day Metamorphic Technique workshops on demand.
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