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Subtle but life-changing

AS the name suggests, the Metamorphic Technique (MT) can bring about momentous change in people’s lives.

But for newcomers to the process, it is probably the subtlety of the actions required to initiate change that is most striking.

Dartington-based Hélène Demetriades trained with Gaston Saint-Pierre, founder of the Metamorphic Association, and works as a practitioner and teacher – the only MT trainer in South Devon.

Hélène trained as a practitioner after receiving a session of The Metamorphic Technique herself.

She explained: “The Metamorphic Technique consists of a light touch on the sides of the feet, hands and head. It is very simple to learn and can be used at any time and anywhere, watching TV, by a campfire, even on the train! “Families have found the technique can calm and ease their lives. Children often love it and respond well, while parents feel empowered by offering it to them.”

But the effects are profound, says Hélène: “The practitioner acts as a catalyst to the person’s own life force energy. The areas we touch reflect the prenatal period, the most formative time of our lives.

“This allows us to move out of old forms and into new ones that are a truer expression of who we really are – that’s the transformation.”

Hélène runs a two-day MT workshop for people who want to share the practice with family and friends, and learn about the principles behind the work. These workshops (the next is over the weekend of September 15 and 16) are also one of the requirements for becoming a professional practitioner.

The benefits of MT usually begin with a sense of relaxation or of greater energy, says Hélène.

“But at a deeper level, people frequently experience a greater sense of connection, a new level of confidence and trust in life – making it particularly appropriate for anyone experiencing anxiety or depression.

“Whether I’m working with an older person, a baby or even an animal, they often enter a state of stillness. Many people speak of experiencing a sense of belonging and of feeling at home.”