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Technique ‘changes lives’

Metamorphosis is defined as “a change of the form or nature of a thing or person into a completely different one”.

And the Metamorphic Technique changes lives, says Hélène Demetriades, by helping people to “overcome their limiting beliefs and transform ingrained patterns of thought and behaviour” so they can achieve their full potential.

“All emotional, behavioural and physical problems are regarded simply as an expression of energy,” says Hélène. “By a process of light touch, the Metamorphic Technique provides the environment in which transformation can happen.”

Hélène trained as a practitioner after receiving a session of The Metamorphic Technique herself.

“I experienced something subtle but profound,” she says. “It made me want to share this with others.”

Hélène says the Metamorphic Technique is different to other hands-on therapies because the practitioner is not actually trying to effect any kind of change.

“I am merely a catalyst,” she says. “It is the recipient’s own life force that determines the nature and degree of transformation. You will only experience as much as you are ready to cope with.”

A Metamorphic Technique session lasts an hour and the recipient remains fully clothed, except for the feet. It is experienced as the lightest of touch on the feet, hands and head and the practitioner does not seek to address specific symptoms or problems, but is “guided by the flow of the session”.

Hélène practices from her home in Dartington and at Neal’s Yard in Totnes. She also runs training workshops on the Metamorphic Technique, and is an experienced accredited counsellor and psychotherapist.