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How one boy found peace

It can be tough living with physical problems at any age, but especially when you’re young and the psychological and emotional effects add to the struggle.

Metamorphic Technique practitioner and teacher Hélène Demetriades had just such a case recently.

She told Reconnect: “A 10-yearold boy, who was born with a damaged kidney and his bowel and bladder under-developed and fused together, had undergone a number of operations and was having to rely on medication to go to the loo and facing having to learn to selfcatheter.

“He fell into a depression and told his mother, ‘I just want to feel safe.’” Hélène started the session with the mother at their home.

“I first suggested she put her foot on my lap, so she could experience the touch herself, and she soon felt relaxed and experienced ‘an opening’ around her head.”

Half an hour into the session the son returned home with his father and Hélène asked the boy if he would like her to touch his feet in the same way.

“He immediately said yes,” continued Hélène, “and I sat next to him on the sofa. As I gave him a session, while he watched TV, he leaned into me and asked to hold his mother’s hand.

“The next day I heard that after I had left, and they were sitting down to supper, he had put down his knife and fork and said ‘I feel peaceful’. He then said ‘Mum can you learn what that lady was doing?’ So his mother came on my next workshop, and learnt the technique for herself.”

The boy has since re-engaged with life and his schooling, and was able to take on the new procedure without any problems.

The Metamorphic Technique is a subtle and easy to learn treatment and consists of a light touch on the sides of the feet, hands and head.

Hélène Demetriades
Metamorphic Technique practitioner and teacher