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Reeconnect Issue 32
Experience the Technique's ritual.
from Reconnect Magazine - Issue 42

AN experience of “being out of time” is how practitioner Hélène Demetriades describes a Metamorphic Technique session...

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Reeconnect Issue 32
Open yourself to the pulse of life
from Reconnect Magazine - Issue 32

OUR mind is constantly seeking answers and trying to fix things, but if we take time to surrender to our hearts, says Metamorphic Technique practitioner Hélène Demetriades, we can discover a deeper knowledge, connected to the very pulse of life....

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Reeconnect Issue 26
Reconnect to the wonder of childhood
from Reconnect Magazine - Issue 26

AS a small child, Hélène Demetriades lived in a beautiful village nestled in the Alps. “A few years ago,” she said, “I looked at a picture of an alpine flower and felt a remembrance wash over me, as I re-experienced a vibrant global connectedness to this flower....

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The dance of life
A Tribute to Gaston - from the Metamorphic Association Magazine March 2011 - by Hélène Demetriades

I first came across the Metamorphic Technique 20 years ago at the Mind, Body and Spirit Festival in London. Gaston and a few other practitioners were there. I had a taster session and had the thought ‘I will come back to this’. ( I even spoke to Gaston over the phone about coming to one of his taster Saturday mornings I think they were called)...

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Metamorphic practice
How one boy found peace
from Reconnect Magazine - issue 24

It can be tough living with physical problems at any age, but especially when you’re young and the psychological and emotional effects add to the struggle.

Metamorphic Technique practitioner and teacher Hélène Demetriades had just such a case recently...

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Technique ‘changes lives’
from Reconnect Magazine - issue 17

Metamorphosis is defined as “a change of the form or nature of a thing or person into a completely different one”.

And the Metamorphic Technique changes lives, says Hélène Demetriades...

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Reconnect issue 37
Good for relationships too...
from Reconnect Magazine - Issue 37

THERE’S a very special benefit of sharing the Metamorphic Technique – it can also transform relationships, as practitioner and teacher Hélène Demetriades, right, experienced herself...

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Reconnect issue 30
Post-session dreams reveal clues to transformation.
from Reconnect Magazine - Issue 30

THE Metamorphic Technique is all about transformation, as the name suggests, and the process of that change is often revealed in people’s dreams after completing a session...

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The Metamorphic Technique as a Living Practice
from the Metamorphic Association Magazine November 2015 - by Hélène Demetriades

I have the impression that it was towards the end of his life, that Gaston talked about the Metamorphic Technique as a ritual.....

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Unity, Love, Humanity and The Metamorphic Technique
from the Metamorphic Association Magazine June 2010 - by Hélène Demetriades

My experience of giving Metamorphic sessions is that its practice is an entry point for love. It always is, and it is always there....

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Metamorphic practice
Subtle but life-changing
from Reconnect Magazine - issue 20

AS the name suggests, the Metamorphic Technique (MT) can bring about momentous change in people’s lives.

But for newcomers to the process, it is probably the subtlety of the actions required to initiate change that is most striking...

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