Counselling & Psychotherapy in South Devon…

How I Work

I see our work together very much as a collaboration, in which kindness plays a key part. I feel and explore your experience with you, so that you feel truly met, and are able to relax and open to a sense of wholeness and safety beyond any limitations, traumas, or sorrows. Through gentle probing and sensitive questioning, through a sharing of insights that arise between us, I facilitate a deepening awareness of your own life. My perspective is one in which I recognise a ground of being in us all, which is unchanging and ever present. It is infinitely kind, and is the source from which all our potential arises. From it too comes that subtle sense of ‘I am-ness’ which has been there from the moment we were born. In the sessions, we will bring our awareness to our ‘felt sense’, (to the feelings and sensations we are actually experiencing); we will explore patterns of thought and belief – our conditioning – and feel how this impacts on us. Old habits can be shed as you open up to yourself and connect to life in a richer and more meaningful way. I may use inquiry or cognitive practices to enlist your mind in recognising patterns it has created, which may be holding you hostage. At times we may use meditative practises, sit in silence, and explore dreams and images. You may in our sessions also discover a stillness out of which all these experiences arise.

Working with Couples

Here I offer a safe, warm and neutral space in which both individuals can unfold in front of each other, and have the opportunity to see each other in a new non-defensive light, while I act as facilitator and witness. Inherent in this approach is my facilitation of clients owning and being with the feelings that are arising in themselves, rather than deflecting them by blaming the other.

Issues that I work with

I work with all issues, including depression, loss and bereavement, trauma, relationships, lack of confidence, low self-esteem, anxiety, stress, illness, abuse, addictions, work and education issues, parenting , self-development, purpose and life direction.

Hanging out my wings to dry

Sitting down with silence

I hang out my wings to dry

in the vastness of who I am

like the first cormorant I ever saw

who took my breath away

hanging out his wings

a dark cross

embedded in a Cornish sky